Knights of the Fallen Republic

Episode 1 : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

On the planet’s surface, a local native outcast Gungan is crushed by an MTT. The Trade Federation lands on Naboo and captures Queen Amidala. While the civilians of Theed, the capital city of Naboo are being held hostage till Queen Amidala signs the treaty. Gunray informs Darth Sidious that one of the Jedi have died and the other is captured, the capital held hostage and Queen Amidala in custody waiting for her to sign the treaty.

Darth Sidious informs Gunray that his apprentice is coming to acquire the Jedi prisoner. Meanwhile Senator Palpatine asks for an emergency meeting of the Senate where he asks the Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum for help with Naboo and it’s illegal capture of the Queen, information he obtained from his source inside the Trade Federation.

The Senators from the Trade Federation claim that no such thing has happened and a committee should be formed to investigate the outrageous claims being made by Senator Palpatine. Senator Palpatine claims that his people can not wait for a committee and calls for a Vote of No Confidence in Supreme Chancellor who is unable to act on behalf of Naboo. The majority of the Galactic Senate vote and removes Valorum from the position of Supreme Chancellor.


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